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Welcome to the
A film by Sanctum Presents. Out now.
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With various gambling debts, a family to look after & no other choice, Saul decides to gamble his luck on a poker game hosted by The Red Room.


The rules are simple. If you win, you walk away with a life changing amount of money. If you lose, you die. 


Not to the knowledge of The Red Room, Saul has a secret ace in the hole. But not to the knowledge of Saul, he has no idea what he is about to walk into... 


Thank you to all the amazing cast & crew who worked on this film. 

We are now in the process of getting funding for this film, we have a feature film 

script ready and want to turn this short film into a feature length.

We made this film on a budget of £600, imagine what we could make with a budget of £600,000.

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Welcome to The Red Room. You can watch the film here:

You can also read our interview with Rife Magazine regarding The Red Room:


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